Thursday, July 28, 2011

Streaming out of my mind

I guess I'm ready to leave this world? I just finished watching all eleven seasons of Cheers. The ending to the Cheers saga was anticlimactic, not like M.A.S.H. or Frazier. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to watch as characters grow and take on a life of there own. It was amusing watching Kirsty Alley go from thin to heavy then back again, that and the growth of the Frazier Crain charter.
Think what you wish, I'm loving being alive at this point in time, I can only hope to stick around to see more! What a great time to be alive...


  1. (sidenote)
    I also have been on this Kevin Smith watching rant! so far I've watch Clerks I & II Jay & Silent Bob's revenge, Stigmata, Mallrats. I'm still streaming!
    Indecently, as I write this I'm listening to Pandora. Free streaming music!!! Have you heard of Pandora? if not, go get some.....

  2. indecently?...LoL I meant "incidentally"
    "is that what I meant?...uh,hmmmmm